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dan brock

Dan Brock
Founder of Deadbeat Inc.

“When it comes to making affiliate sales, website speed and conversion are the only things that matter.”

Don't let your prospects think your site is broken or slow.

If they bounce, you just cancelled out your hard work of optimizing conversions.

Stay Fast. Stay profitable.
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Walmart shaved more than 4 seconds from its load time (7.2s to 2.9s).

47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less.

The faster pages deliver 7% to 12% more conversions than the slower pages.”— hubspot.com

Cheetahs Beware: Our Platform Will
Knock Your Socks Off!

Bounce rate is not your fault.
But choosing slow hosting service
might make new customers believe your site is broken.
Yeavo changes all that.

THE YEAVO Advantage

Hosting on
Amazon S3

Amazon S3 cloud servers are world-class servers.
That's why Inc 500 companies like Netflix, Pinterest, and Airbnb use them.
And now YOU will, too.


Your current "run-of-the-mill" website host loads up their servers with non-essential "doodads" that slow down your sites significantly.
Our philosophy is different. If it doesn't deliver more sales to your bottom line, you don't need it.

Fully Optimized

Founded on the popular WordPress platform, our leaner version is optimized for even faster load speed and higher conversions…
resulting in more cash in hand for you.

Speed That Converts To Sales

The Yeavo CDN Network

Bloggers pick cheaper hosting services because it's affordable. As long as their website loads, they're happy…

…however, if you're an affiliate marketer then you want to decrease the negative effects of bounce rate from impatient visitors.

Affiliate sites can't just load – they must load FAST!
Your commissions are directly affected.

Yeavo WordPress themes don't use bulky plugins that slow down your site the way typical blogging themes do. And because our faster servers are Amazon AWS servers located strategically all around the world, page load speed is no longer an issue.

We're not just another hosting service. The Yeavo platform actually puts more money in your pocket. You're welcome!

Ready To Be A SUPER Affiliate?

Now that you understand that speed=revenue, get the premium platform that takes you there today.

The Yeavo Framework Is Your Edge Over The Competition

Powered 100% by WordPress

The Yeavo Wordpress Framework is designed with one thing in mind:

Convert. More. Visitors.

We chased down Zen monk coders with super abilities of patience and hyper focus to code every inch of our WordPress themes to perfection…

…then tested everything until it converted traffic into the highest amount of sales possible (we really squeezed that lemon) with the least amount of effort.

Just look at how our special Product Review Panel boosts CTR (click-through rates) and inspires action better than those WordPress themes made only for bloggers.

If you aren't using our Yeavo theme today, you're simply leaving hundreds in affiliate commissions on the table — every week!

Hot Elements Boost Your Affiliate Link Clicks

Top 10 Product Review Element

We utilize the latest CDN (Content Deliver Network) technology to segment your website into dynamic and static content, the latest in redundant Amazon cloud based server technologies, and proprietary coding, security and engineering infrastructure… to deliver Yeavo websites faster than should really be possible.

Top 3 Comparison Review

Believe it or not, reviewing 3 products on each product review page side by side can both increase conversions for the main product, but also get you some extra sales for the runner up products. We've tested this thoroughly, and go a roughly 13% conversion boost for the main product by including runner up products with it.

Main Features Element

Highlight the main features of the product you are reviewing in a nice condensed overview of the individual features of your product. This provides an at-a-glance view for your visitor.

Side-By-Side Comparison ("versus page")

This is perhaps the best part of our framework. You can compare one product vs another similar product to determine the winner. With this, you can significantly drive higher conversions AND get very targeted "vs" search engine traffic to your pages.

We Got Ya Covered

Your sites will deliver faster, more reliably, and convert higher than ever before.

Take Your Pick, Boss…

  • Kickstarter
    Billed annually, no setup fee.
  • 2 Websites
  • 20 GB of Space
  • 30,000 Visitors
  • Yeavo Framework
  • Pro
    Billed annually, no setup fee.
  • 5 Websites
  • 40 GB of Space
  • 100,000 Visitors
  • Yeavo Framework

How we help your affiliate business:


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Auto Installation

Answer a few questions & click a button. Your website installs itself! If you can order a pizza, you can install a website.

Network of

You'll never miss out on affiliate sales.
We use the world's most powerful network of servers: Amazon AWS.
Always ON. Always fast.

See everything in One Click
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See everything
in One Click

1-Click Setup. 14-Day Free Trial.
100% Risk Free.

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